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GMC-LT Locomotive Tester from Gaugemaster!

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For the modeller who has almost everything!
Suitable for many scales - N, OO9, HOe, TT, HOm, OO, HO, On30, EM4, and P4!
Finished in an eye-catching stainless-steel, the GMC-LT Locomotive Tester is the perfect companion to almost any model railway.
Its unique multi-scale adjustable rollers means that it can be used alongside most layouts to test and run-in locomotives. With eight rollers included, the GMC-LT will be able to accommodate most models, with additional rollers available from the DCC Concepts range.

The guides can be adjusted to fit the specific roller spacer used.
The Locomotive Tester can also be used as a single track controller running from the 16v AC output - just switch from ‘TEST’ to ‘TRACK’.
You can power accessories from the 12v DC output as well!