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07442 Noch: Bathing Lake (22 x 20 cm) + 10 'Tufts'

07442 Noch: Bathing Lake (22 x 20 cm) + 10 'Tufts'

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Nature + Bathing Lake, 22x20 cm, w. 10 grass tufts
The new Nature+ meadows and fields are super life-like compositions made from high-quality electrostatic grass fibres. A specially developed production process allows the fibres to be applied one after the other. This technology and the mixture of fibres in different lengths create an amazing natural appearance. As a fine base for the grass fibres, we use specially developed transparent glue which stays permanently flexible. Thanks to this special production process, the Natur + meadows and fields can be easily integrated in any surface structures like hills, embankments, hollows etc. Each package contains 10 additional grass tufts in harmonious colours for the realistic decoration or the creation of transitions. The application of Natur + products is very easy. Meadows and fields can be completely or cut in small pieces integrated in the landscape.