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933-2900 Cornerstone HO Engine Servicing Facility Series

933-2900 Cornerstone HO Engine Servicing Facility Series

Our Price: £82.00
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Modern 3-Stall Roundhouse - Kit

*Authentic American Prototype *Holds Engines up to 125 Scale Feet Long *Includes Stall for Bigger Engines up to 145 Scale Feet Long *Modular Design-Easily Expanded to a Full Circle *Compact 10-Degree Stall Spacing *Interior & Exterior Brick Detail *Fine Window Details *Floor Inspection Pits *Decal Signs Included

The Roundhouse was a hallmark of steam-era railroading, and some of these classics are still used today. No matter the weather, workers could easily inspect and service locos under cover. Size was based on the number of engines coming and going in any 24-hour period, with the busiest terminals requiring full-circle roundhouses. Our authentic American model includes three stalls on 10-degree centers to make the most of your available space like the prototype. And with a modular design, you can add as many stalls as your railroad requires using the Modern Roundhouse Add-On Stalls (933-2901, sold separately). For more realism, interior and exterior brick wall details, fine windows, floor inspection pits and much more are all standard. Locos up to 125 scale feet long fit easily inside and parts for a single 145' long stall are also included.

Measures: Standard Building: 17-3/4 x 16 x 5-1/2" 44.3 x 40 x 13.7cm With Extended Stall: 20-1/8" 50.3cm Long Pit Depth: 5/16" .78cm