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933-2907Cornerstone Gasommeter Kit HO Scale (Gas Storage Tank)

933-2907Cornerstone Gasommeter Kit HO Scale (Gas Storage Tank)

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For over a century, the gas works was a fixture of all cities and towns. Long before natural gas and electricity were common, these facilities generated "coal gas" to power street lamps, home appliances and industrial machinery.
The gas was actually a byproduct, made by baking coal to produce coke. Running night and day, a variety of fascinating machinery and structures were needed, along with plenty of rail service and now modeling these facilities is easy, with other HO Scale Cornerstone Series kits from Walthers. see www.walthers.com

The signature structure of any gas works, these massive storage tanks dominated the city skyline. These giants were actually the last stop at the plant, used to store and pressurize the gas before it was fed into underground pipelines to supply customers. Gas was produced at a constant rate, so during the hours when demand was lower and more storage capacity was needed, the tank expanded using telescoping sections called "lifts." To keep these aligned as they rose and fell, they rode on a series of guide rails supported by a spider web of steel trusses on the outside of the tank.
Gas Storage Tank 9-7/8" 24.6cm Diameter x 9-1/8" 22.8 Tall