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Arch Laser ALN0035 6 Ton Yard Crane Jib Kit (Wagon Load)

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Add an unusual load with this Laser cut card kit.
Quick and easy to build
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Instructions for the construction of
The Arch Laser 6Ton Crane Jib.
You will need a sharp knife for removing parts from the fret and a suitable glue (recommended fast setting PVA dispensed through a pinpoint nozzle).
1. First remove one side of the jib from the fret and the upper lattice frame.
2. Glue together at right angles remembering to locate the rear of the frame with the rear end of the jib side this will result in the furthermost section of the frame projecting at the front (this will be bent down and glued at a later stage).
3. Remove from the fret and glue on the other side of the jib at right angles lining everything up.
4. When this assembly is fully dried glue on the bottom gantry frame to form the box section.
5. When the glue on this assembly is fully cured bend down and stick in place the projecting element of the upper girder frame. It may help to score the bend line very lightly.
6. Fabricate the wheel, after removing the 3 parts from the fret, by glueing one large circle to the smaller one centrally. Then glue on the other larger circle to form the pulley wheel and set aside.
7 When the main assembly is cured add the top front bracing girder part. First you will need to glue the pulley wheel centrally over the front marker on one side of the jib at the extreme end.  When this has set bend in the sides and glue on the top forward brace girder in position.
8. To Complete glue on the bottom front girder section and you have finished .