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Arch Laser ALN500 'Shark' Ballasting Aid

Arch Laser ALN500 'Shark' Ballasting Aid

Our Price: £4.75
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Self assembly, click together, Laser cut and engraved MDF Ballast spreader.

Designed for ease of assembly and ease of use. Just load up with fine ballast suitable for N or OO-9 and move along the track. ballast is evenly distributed requiring you to just 'tap' the track gently to tamp the ballast which should the be dampened with 'wet' water (with a couple of drops of washing up liquid added. The dampened ballast is then sprayed with diluted PVA or applied with a dropper. Leave then  for 24 hours to cure.

NOTE a Limited Time Offer,  this product is available FREE with the purchase of a Woodland Scenics fine ballast jar (Shaker). Only one free spreader per customer.