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Arch Laser ALNP002 BM Fresh Meat Container

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unpainted 3D resin print 

Painted version shown

By the 1930's the container had proved its worth, with the Big 4 Railway Companies, for furniture removals work and was also popular for the transport of higher value cargo. One of the big successes for the railway container was the shipment of meat and although the railways continued to build vans for the carriage of meat the 'BM' containers dominated this trade from the mid 1930's onward.  Several of these might be included in a fast express goods train rake. British fresh meat was shipped hanging from hooks on racks in these ventilated  containers. They continued in use well into British Railways days.

Livery notes (kindly provided by Noel Leaver)

Until 1956 Crimson

1956- about 1960 Maroon

1960 - end Bauxite

Transfer Sheet BL185 - BR BM-type fresh meat containers; BR early periodTransfers for twenty-one containers.

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