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Dapol 2S-012-005 Terrier BR Black 32655 Early Crest

Dapol 2S-012-005 Terrier BR Black 32655 Early Crest

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The class A1 "Terrier" was designed by William Stroudley at the locomotive works in Brighton. These small locomotives were a common sight between 1874 and 1880 running up and down the LB&SCR. As the railways demanded a more powerful locomotive to haul larger freight and heavier passenger trains, the Terriers were sold to private companies for small branch lines and shunting yards. Between 1911 and 1919 the Terriers underwent two modifications including new boilers and extensions to the smoke box. By 1963 all the Terriers were decommissioned from main line use but 10 remained in preservation.

  • Finely moulded body with lots of separately moulded details
  • Cast wheels with fine relief and livery dependent wheel colours
  • Tungsten chassis and all wheel pick ups
  • NEM Couplings