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Dapol 4A-002-008 *GWR Water Tower (Flat Top) Grey Motorised (1)

Dapol 4A-002-008 *GWR Water Tower (Flat Top) Grey Motorised (1)

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Highly detailed model:

  • OO operating scale model
  • Flexible delivery pipe (can be trimmed to suit location/track height etc.)
  • Etched parts
  • Water valve and positioning chains
  • Drain grill
  • Tether post
  • Frost prevention heater

Operating and electrical features
  • Fill pipe rotates 90 with sound effects
  • 12v DC/AC or DCC operation (9V min - 15V max)
  • Remote switch actuated (included)
  • Optional relay PCB for DCC control
  • Optional power and switch extension cables

Sound effects:
  • Normal fill or overflow (single or double switch operation)
  • Random speech comments:
    • During fill (if overflow)
      • There’s waters spilling all over the place
      • Quick mate! - Let go of that chain!
      • Blimey it’s overflowing. Look out!
      • Blooming trainees. Too slow. Too slow!
      • I should have worn me blessed wellies!
      • I said for you to keep an eye on it
  1. Fill completed
    • Right we’re ready to go!
    • Ready mate, she’s full!
    • That’ll see us over the top!
    • Grab the token, we’re off!