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Dapol 7F-100-102 SR Pill Box Brake Van 56352 BR Grey

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The SR 25T `Pillbox' brake van was constructed around the mid 1930's and was an advance on an earlier shorter wheelbase van, being heavier with a better ride and more efficient hand braking system. Brake vans and their associated guards were a common site at the rear of goods trains and ensured that the hand brake was applied at the appropriate times(most wagons did not have vacuum braking or through brake lines controlled by the locomotive), for maintaining oil lamp based signals to the driver of the train, to station personnel and signalmen and to ensure the train was operating correctly ad safely from his vantage point (via especially constructed side duckets) at the rear of the train. This type of brake van operated until the 1950's and several examples survive into preservation.

The Dapol O gauge model of the SR 25T Pill Box Brake Van  features:

  • Extremely detailed and accurate body shell and chassis
  • Many separately added fine details
  • Sprung metal buffers
  • Metal sprung coupling hook and three link coupling
  • Finely profiled wheels and axles with brass bearing pockets
  • Superbly applied livery
  • Viewing duckets accurately modelled