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DCC Concepts DCP-CDU2  Cobalt CDU Unit

DCC Concepts DCP-CDU2 Cobalt CDU Unit

Our Price: £28.86
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 Mains powered dual super power CDU supplied with power lead.

Suitable for Exhibition layouts

CDU 2+ is a totally self-contained, mains powered and super-high energy dual output capacitor discharge unit.

Economical, simple to connect and easy to wire, it is the one and only guaranteed way for you to be sure of reliable solenoid operation, always, no matter which solenoid type you choose to use or how you change them.

CDU 2+ will deliver all the energy and power you’ll ever need for changing one, two or even several solenoid point motors at once. Because CDU 2+ has its own internal mains supply we’ve been able to design it to have the fastest possible recharge giving it huge energy potential by building in the highest power of any CDU ever offered.

Combine this with the fact that there are actually two high power CDU circuits inside to share the load, this gives the ability to double the power by combining them for extreme needs and no matter how many point motors you want to change or how fast your control system can send the commands, CDU 2+ will never fail you... whether your layout is DC or DCC powered, manually switched, DCC or computer controlled, large or small.