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DCC Concepts DML-LLBSL  Shunt Lamp Pack n

DCC Concepts DML-LLBSL Shunt Lamp Pack n

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This lamp pack includes 6x 4mm scale lamps with both red and white LEDs available from the one lens. They are correct for all shunting locos in particular as it was a railway regulation that a shunter should carry 2 lamps each end, one red one white, all of them on, and that the red light must always be on the side of the loco adjacent to the main line. Using these lamps and a 4 fn decoder a shunter can have the correct lamps on at any time... no matter which direction it is facing or which side of the main it is on! Perfect for pre-TOPS diesels and all diesels that carried oil lamps... and that is MOST of them in the early diesel days!