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Deluxe Materials AC-19  Brush Magic (125ml)

Deluxe Materials AC-19 Brush Magic (125ml)

Our Price: £9.25
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Our prefered airbrush and paint brush cleaner that washes away with water and is economical and safe to use.
Fast acting brush cleaner. Restores and revives brushes like new. Water miscible- no odour- non flammable. Safer for health & environment Brush Magic is a powerful, non flammable brush cleaner for the rapid cleaning of all types of wet or dried paints from paint & air brushes etc. Use also to clean up and remove of epoxy, polyester & polyurethane resins & glues before they are set. • Washes away with water to clean surface • Non volatile & low odour • Dissolves acrylic enamel & cellulose paints, epoxy & polyester resins.
Important Tips: Keep Brush Magic away from plastic & final paint finishes & brush handles.Wash hands with water before handling models .Use only metal, glass or polythene containers to hold.