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Deluxe Materials AD-29 (DL49) Tacky Wax 28gm

Deluxe Materials AD-29 (DL49) Tacky Wax 28gm

Our Price: £5.83
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Tacky Wax is used for positioning figures. It is not a glue but a sticky wax solution. This means that you do not need to glue your figures down, you can move them around without the damaging effects of using traditional glue.
Tacky Wax is one of the most brilliant, yet over looked products in the Deluxe Materials range!


Gaugemasters NATALIE TRICKETT writes

"It can be used for a wide variety of things but its best use is for semi-permanently sticking down figures onto your layout. Figures are one of the things on your layout that can really make it come alive. A group of passengers waiting at a station or pedestrians walking down a street can make a real difference to the look and feel of the layout you’ve put a lot of hard work into.

As figures are usually hand-painted they do come at a price, so with this in mind you need to be a little careful with them. You can use CA/superglues to fix figures down permanently, and if this is what you want to use we recommend any of the Deluxe Materials Roket range MAX, HOT, RAPID or ODOURLESS, but we all know how easy it is to catch them on the sleeve of you shirt or drop something on them, snapping them clean off the layout - and if the glue tarnishes the paint on the bottom of the legs then they're ruined.But there is a solution, Tacky Wax! All you need to do is gently scrape the feet of your figures into the pot so you have a small amount transferred (but not too much) and push the figures down onto the surface! It really is that simple. The other advantage of using Tacky Wax over super glue is that it gives you the freedom to be able to move the figures around, allowing you some freedom to change the layout around. Tacky Wax is best kept at room temperature and will last forever! The pot contains 28G of glue and is enough for hundreds, if not thousands, of figures."