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Oxford Diecast 76COM001  Commer Commando RAF

Oxford Diecast 76COM001 Commer Commando RAF

Our Price: £16.00
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New tooling introduces a very unusual bus to the 1:76 scale series. It is modelled on a vehicle housed and on public display at the Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington and the crew bus is thought to be one of only five to survive into preservation. Our Commer Commando is decorated in the RAF blue-grey colour scheme with black wings and wheel arches and features the RAF roundel on each side. The interior panels are bright blue with a pale grey floor. Externally, lots of chrome highlights the door handles, window surrounds, grilles, footsteps, radiator, bonnet trim and bumpers. The model comes with a special red, white and blue sleeve incorporating the fluttering RAF flag and a legend detailing its history.