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Expo 90002 A003 DCC SmartSwitch Point Operation Set

Our Price: £80.00
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A003 DCC Smartswitch Set
Ideal for operating points (and other items such as semaphore signals) on any DCC Model Railway system using insulfrog points.

Economical - the set includes all the equipment to operate four points. Everything is in the set - wiring, servos, switches and the Smartswitch control board. This compares very favourably in cost to other slow motion point control systems on the market.
Ultimate flexibility - Smartswitch can not only operate points but also crossing gates, semaphore signals or any creative animation you can think of.
Easy to install - Built in drilling template and virtual centre line for easy trouble free mounting PLUS more mounting options: central, off centre or horizontal, above or below the baseboard.
Nine adjustable servo speeds - the SmartSwitch control board gives you a wide choice of servo speeds. You can operate your points with a snap action or in scale slow speeds.
Control board can control up to four servos - plus you can simultaneously control up to four servos using just one switch.
SmartSwitch remembers the point positions when the power is off.
Low current drain - operates from 9 to 25v DC