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Faller 161659 Car System Relay Module

Faller 161659 Car System Relay Module

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Interacting with scenarios on the spot. Module composed of 2 relays (12 V DC) on small PCB that allows to trigger various actions on the model layout by plugging some wire straps (also called jumpers).
- Connected to the »Traffic-Control«, Art. 161651 or the »Extension module«, Art. 161352 the module can switch on and off e.g. a smoke generator, Art. 180690 or a modeller’s synchronous motor, Art. 180629 (alternating current).
- Connected to an »Extension module« one of the outputs can actuate a motor in forward motion, while the other output will actuate the motor in reverse motion, by plugging the wire straps accordingly.
- It is also possible for the module to link various digital systems potential-free: one of the systems switches the relay on and that signal will be processed in another system.
- By plugging the wire straps accordingly, two signals can be generated out of one signal: since a normally closed contact and a normally open contact of the relay are used, either one contact or the other will be closed depending on whether the relay has pulled up or is open. By suitably connecting the relay module it is also possible to reverse a signal.
- By connecting the relay module in series, it is possible to switch higher current values or even other voltages (e.g. an alternating voltage) on modules the outputs of which are too weak for the required current.
Further possible uses are described in the instruction manual supplied.