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Faller 180503  Hydrocal Compound

Faller 180503 Hydrocal Compound

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Scenic modelling knifing filler, light-weight material for the design of rock structures, transparent. 120 g filler powder for 780 cm³ knifing filler.
Landscape construction filler compound
Hydrozell is a self-adhesive landscape construction material for lifelike modelling various landscape components and the realistic addition of house- and building models, tunnel portals and bridges to the model landscape. Landscape components in Hydrozell are super light yet very sturdy.
Hydrozell is mixed with water for a dough-like paste. Mixed with approx. 0.5 l water the contents will make filler compound for approx. 780 ccm (3/4 l), which is more than 3/4 of the volume of this package. The compound remains in a workable state for approx. 8 hours and is fully cured after approx. 24 hours.
The undyed neutral filler compound can be modified with emulsion paint.
Interesting application tips can also be found at www.faller.de