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Faller 180691 Grass-Spreader Gras-Fix

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Vegetation in next to no time. This devices provides the grass fibres with an electrostatic charge so that the fibres stand upright on the meadow surface.

The following steps lead to a perfect result
. • Apply to graze land with FALLER Colofix 180501
• Fill mixed grass-Fix device with the scattering fibers, monochrome or color.
• Take a small nail and put it in the device near the surface to intersperse in the system and attach the clip because of contact with counterpart
• Turn the power on, hold it about 10 -. 15 inches over the area to graze and shake it slightly
• In this way the fibers are clean and vertically in the Leimbettung.
This kit contains: 4 items in 1 color and 1 instruction manual.