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Fleischmann 6152C - HO Scale Profi Track Profi Turntable

Fleischmann 6152C - HO Scale Profi Track Profi Turntable

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 The turntable is made ​​in prototypical design, and quarries in an exemplary representation of all the details. The basic configuration of the hub consists of 6 and 4 Auffahrgleisen Blind way. The Auffahrgleise can at an angle of 7.5 degrees in any number and arrangement can be repositioned by rotating disk and supplementary sets 6153 up to a total of 48 sidings extended werden.Die "thinking" turntable: The switch 6910 is controlled by the rotation of the turntable to achieve the appropriate track exit. The driving current is fed into the swing bridge. The desired track exit, with the swing bridge is connected to is switched electrically connected to the switch 6910th All other track feeders (also opposed) are then automatically de-energized. Thus, a maximum of 48 tracks and electrically actuated outlets can be switched individually, without any additional wiring is required.