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Fleischmann 686702  MultiZentrale with MultiMaus

Fleischmann 686702 MultiZentrale with MultiMaus

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The new multiZENTRALEPRO - All the central control a model railway needs
The central control unit is the heart of any digitally-controlled model railway. This is where all information arrives, is processed and is passed on. In creating this unit, Fleischmann’s development team has taken a somewhat different approach, rather than just developing another run-of-the-mill control unit: it wanted this one to be small and flexible. The result was the multiZENTRALEPRO. The new multiZENTRALEPRO is a full-scale central control unit for your model railway. As opposed to other central control units, it gives you complete freedom to move around when used together with a multiMAUS or the brand new multi-MAUSPRO. Its many new functions, including the ability to read out decoder data, many connection options for additional locomotive controls or multiMAUSes and a separate feedback bus, show that all kinds of sophisticated control tasks in your model railway setup can be carried out easily and economically by this new central control unit.
A USB port provides a simple interface to the world of PCs, not only for installing future updates, but above all for connection to the Rocomotion PC software supplied along with this set.
Wireless central control
unit for use with several multiMAUSesPRO
• Built-in antenna
• 3 RocoNet slave ports for connecting cable-bound locomotive controls and multiMAUSesPRO.
• Outputs for programming and main track. Switched over automatically when the multiMAUS programming menu is called up.
• Short-circuit-proof main track output. Output current of up to 3.2 A,
integrated overheating protection and current-limiter.
• LED status indicators.
Keep an eye on things at a glance.
• Data read-out capability.
Used in conjunction with a multiMAUS and the new multiMAUSPRO, the unit can read out and modify
the data of your DCC decoders.
• Separate feed-back bus.
For connecting up the ROCO feed back module 10787.
• USB port.
Greater comfort thanks to direct contact to a PC, especially when used in conjunction with the Rocomotion PC software included in the package.
General data
Controlled pantographs no
separate etched plates no
Switchable smoke generator no
Switchable light change no
Switchable interior lighting no
Train tail lighting no
Sound no
Additional light function no