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GMC 950 COE Red/Yellow 1954

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The unique classic Cab Over Engine  body design that general motors came up with was perhaps one of the first aerodynamic designs ever put on a truck by GM because it reduced airflow around the truck and around the trailer with the design. General Motors made a unique body design by placing the cab over top of the engine, or this is a COE for short. This design shortened the wheelbase of the tractor significantly and this design allowed the same payload to be carried by a shorter truck trailer combination.
In the 1950s, 40s and 60s US length laws were very strict. Length laws, bumper to tailgate were very strict on trucks. So, the shorter that you could make the cab, the longer the trailer you could haul, giving you more cargo space. That’s why COEs reigned supreme. And that’s the same reason the COE reigns supreme in Europe today.