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Graham Farish

What goes into a Graham Farish model?
Have you ever wondered how many parts go into making a Graham Farish model? We have taken a Graham Farish Class101 3 car dmu and have counted all the components that make up the model and it amounts to a grand total of 458 parts!

But it's not just parts that make up a model, for example, each Class 101 body shell has over 15 different spraying and printing operations to apply the livery. A multitude of bespoke tools and moulding equipment is required in the production of the end product, with the final finishing process being an elaborate process carried out by hand.
At the start of the process individual components are grouped together so that the model can be assembled in the correct stages. Once the locomotive body has had its livery applied it is fitted with details such as grab handles, steps, handrails and windows - all of which are individually painted before being manually glued or fitted into position.
When it comes to the power unit, the gears and axles need to be carefully installed. Complete bogie assemblies, already made from 158 parts, are then fitted into place. The installation of the electronic components in the model, including motor connections and digital components, lighting circuit boards and pick-ups - plus additional wiring for sound fitted models - simply cannot be carried out by automatic production methods. With body and chassis complete, the final assembly takes place prior to extensive testing and quality checks.
To make a model worthy of the Bachmann name it takes design expertise, skilled craftsmanship and strict quality control. With so many parts and processes involved, Graham Farish continue to delight the most discerning of enthusiasts with our award winning range of N scale models.