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Great Western Replicas R.T.R 003 G.W.R. Rouded corner Iron Bodied Mink Salvage 'Save for Victory' T

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This Wagon will be a 3D Printed R.T.R 

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This will be a correctly styled round cornered Iron Mink in all white lettering on a blue body with white roof (all correct for this running number). Two V6 Iron Minks made a minor contribution to the WWII war effort. They were repainted in 1940 with a bright blue body colour (similar to the 'Electric Blue' that British Railways would use twenty years later for their new generation of overhead electric locos). 47528 had white roundels, and 47305 yellow roundels. 'Salvage' and the slogan 'Save for Victory' lettering was prominent on the sides, the idea being to encourage passengers to bring their salvage to a station and deposit it patriotically in the special van for re-use and recycling.