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JP5596 Woodland Scenics Just Plug® Comfy Cruise HO Scale

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Going for a scenic drive or a city run, this cruiser will take every opportunity to hit the blacktop.

Just Plug® Vehicles make it easy to model back country roads or busy city scenes. With a driver and a set of headlights and taillights, your layout's traffic has never looked so realistic. Add a Vehicle to a Just Plug Light Hub for easy installation, Just Plug and you're done!

20mA per Vehicle
RoHS Compliant
Power with a Just Plug Light Hub (JP5701). 1. Determine desired placement of Vehicle on the layout. Mark location with a pencil. 2. Directly below wires, drill a hole through modeling surface using a 1/16 in (1.6 mm) drill bit. 3. Feed wires through hole. Position Vehicle over hole and secure with Scenic Accents® Glue (A198). This glue will allow Vehicle to be easily repositioned. 4. Press and hold down the red button on the Linker Plug, insert red wire into hole until it hits the back of the Linker Plug, then release the button. Repeat with black button and black wire (Fig. 1). If shortening length of wires, strip lacquer insulation from all sides of wire with a hobby knife. 5. Plug the Linker Plug into a Light Hub LIGHT port.

Kit Contents

1 Vehicle
2 Warm White LED headlights, 2 Red LED taillights, and 1 driver
36 in (91.4 cm) Red & Black Lead Wires.
24 in (61 cm) Cable with Linker Plug