K10-033 Scale: 1:150 JR Wagon Set (6)

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Freight trains of the JNR era, the variety of vehicle types that are incorporated into the organisation excited the fan's heart. It is a 6-car set that can easily reproduce such a nostalgic freight train.

Freight transport in the era of JNR was carried out by car handling system, in which freight cars become different destinations by one unit. Therefore, it is characterised that wagons of various applications and appearances were operated as one freight train. It is a set of 6 cars: covered cars, open cars, hopper cars, refrigerated cars, container freight cars, and palm cars. Enjoy the nostalgic freight train play.

There are a wide range of traction machines, various types of steam locomotives such as D51, C11, C12, C56, etc., electric locomotives such as EF15, EF650, ED71, EF80, EF81 general colours, etc You can enjoy it together with the DF50, etc., a locomotive of the JNR era. Especially recommended for customers who bought the starter set D51 SL train.