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Kadee 3098 Waterslide Decal Paper - Clear (5 sheets Decal Paper - 8-1/2 x 11" 21.6 x 27.9cm)

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Can be used with ALPS printers, most laser printers and color copiers. Before making multiple copies, always check to make sure the paper is compatible with the printer or copier you are using. We do not suggest running the water slide decal paper on many color laser printers due to their very high fuser temperatures.
Note: The fuser temperature should not be over (392 degrees F or 200 degrees C) on a highspeed laser printer or copiers and a slow printing laser printer should have even a lower fuser temperature to ensure the film doesn't melt when printing.Instructions:
1. Don’t leave in dish of water for more then 1 min. to avoid decal separating from backing in dish. Cut out Decal as close to lettering as you comfortable with, dip decal in clean water for about 10-15 sec. and remove. Place on wet cloth for 90+ sec., decal should now slide from backing easily.
2. Hold decal in desired location on model and slide backing away.
3. With a small soft wet paint brush you may fine-tune positioning. Keep decal wet.
4. Gently dab/blot with a towel to remove extra water and allow to dry.
5. Test finishing solutions before applying to entire decal.
Store decals flat in a cool dry place. Avoid exposer to heat, sun light, & moisture.
For most realistic results use Kadee® Undecorated cars.
Kadee® Decals are water slide decals. The film thicknes without backing is about .0005" We proof ink color over an appropriate substrate & try to closely match color to colors used on Kadee® "RTR" boxcars or hoppers, some inks may have a slight texture look to their appearance. If  your decals have been in storage, get brittle when applying them. Then we suggest coating the decals with "Liquid Decal Film" to restore the decal. We don't recommend clear coating decals before they are applied, the decals can become stiff & brittle from the solvents in clear coat. But, if you must "Top Coat" should work, always test clear coats before applying to entire decal.