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Kato 10-012 Scale: 1:150, N JR C11 Steam Freight Starter Set

Kato 10-012 Scale: 1:150, N JR C11 Steam Freight Starter Set

Our Price: £240.00
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A freight train pulled by a C11 is now available in the starter set. The C11 is a representative type of Japanese tank-type steam locomotive, and 381 cars were built between 1932 and 1947. During the JNR era, they were useful for both passenger and freight services and were used all over Japan, and even today they are preserved dynamically in various locations and have become popular. This product is a starter set that allows you to enjoy freight trains pulled by C11s as seen on local lines.

For freight cars, we selected TORA 55000 (with load cover), WARA 1, original yellow-painted Tam 500, and WAFU 29500. You can enjoy nostalgic freight train runs with a small train formation.


Reproduced in the form operated after the mid-1960s.
Power unit with flywheel enables the model to pull about 6 old passenger cars with interior lightings.
The front lamp lights up when moving forward and the rear lamp lights up when moving backward.
Selectable number plate: '174' '193' '223' '235'
Unitrack consists of a full M1 set.
The power pack uses the easy-to-use, high output (1.2A) "Power Pack SX" and "Starter set AC adaptor”.
Note: The station shown in the image is not included but is available separately.