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Kato 10-019 N700A Shinkansen NOZOMI Starter Set

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Just like the prototype, the Kato 700 Series “Nozomi” bullet train has been redesigned and refitted! The newest iteration of the “Nozomi” bullet train which services the route between Tokyo and Hakata, The N700A (or N700 Advanced) has a new nose molding with redesigned headlight shape, a new underbody cowling for the center cars, and a new paint scheme including an extended blue stripe that stretches from the nose down along the body and has the new “A” logo.

This N700A Shinkansen also features a redesigned coupling system similar to that used on the E5 Hayabusa for easier and more reliable connection.

  • Flywheel drive equipped to achieve powerful, realistic, and smooth operation

  • Equipped with Pendulum mechanism and DCC friendly
  • Tight-lock diaphragms and car-to-car couplings keep a prototypical smoothly connected appearance without sacrificing turning radius.

  • Working head and tail lights (Car 1 & Car 4), lights change in direction of travel
    • Kato Train Set
    • Car 1: Type 787-1003 Coach, Car 2: Type 777-1003 Coach (powered-motor)
    • Car 3: Type 785-1603 Coach, Car 4: Type 784-1003 Coach
    • Unitrack Oval Track Set - approximate size 4'2" x 2'2" (1337 x 677mm)
    • 4x Straight Track 248mm (S248), 1x Straight Track 124mm (S124), 1x Feeder Track 62mm (S62F), 1x Straight Track 62mm (S62)
    • 1x Road Crossing Track 124mm (S124C), 8x Radius 45º Curve Track 315mm (R315-35), 1x Rerailer, 1x Adapter Cord
    • Kato Power Pack 22-015