Kato 10-1519 Seven Stars in Kyushu Cruise Train 8 Car Powered Set

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The Cruise Train “Seven Stars in Kyushu” was the first luxury cruise train to operate on Japanese railroads, debuting on October 15th, 2013. The concept of the train was to tour the famous tourist spots in Kyushu Island (the southern most of the four main islands of Japan) with the idea of “Finding new life experience through travel”.

With an 8 unit consist made up of the brilliantly finished DF200-7000 diesel locomotive and 7 #77-7000 passenger cars, this train promises a gorgeous, elegant, and unforgettable travel experience to its 30 passengers.

On the model, in addition to the gorgeous exterior, many interior details are precisely replicated such as the Suite car interiors visible through the wide view end window, differently coloured interiors & stained glasses on each car, and a piano in the Lounge car.

Lots of details are realistically reproduced such as the emblem, radiator grills on the locomotive sides, golden lines, lettering and polished glossy body. This locomotive and passenger car set will be produced and delivered in it's own dedicated book case and sleeve with the image of the luxurious cruise train.

Locomotive Features: DF200-7000
  • DCC Ready
  • Headlight lights up. Light bulb LED sets are employed for the passenger car lighting sets.
  • Equipped with Kato knuckle coupler.
  • Stately looking trucks and rooftop details are accurately carved in the scale model.
  • The driver cab are reproduced so that the control panel, driver seat, the interiors can be observed through the windows.)
  • The motor unit is fitted with a flywheels for a nice smooth run.
Coaches Features:
  • Precisely represented interior details on the Suite cars and the Deluxe Suite car through the wide view end window.
  • Illuminated table lights on the Lounge car & Dining car.
  • Differently coloured interior chair parts on each car.
  • Prototypical close-connection couplers between passenger cars, and a KATO Knuckle coupler to the locomotive.
  • Trucks can be installed in snap-on method.
  • Body-mount tight couplers are used between coaches while the locomotive is mounted with a knuckle coupler on the side for connection.
  • Locomotive - DF2007000
  • No. 1 Car - MAI777001 - Lounge
  • No. 2 Car - MASHIFU777002 - Diner
  • No. 3 Car - MAINE777003 - Suite
  • No. 4 Car - MAINE777004 - Suite
  • No. 5 Car - MAINE777005 - Suite
  • No. 6 Car - MAINE777006 - Suite
  • No. 7 Car - MAINEFU777007 - DX Suite