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Kato 10-1763 Scale: 1:160, N *OUIGO 10 Car EMU VI

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Brightly colored French high-speed passenger train OUIGO. 'OUIGO' is a high-speed passenger railway service that started operation in 2013, mainly targeting young people and families. In addition to being considered as a second-class car for all cars, the advance ticket gate system represented by airlines, the paid option of services, and the price setting alongside bus and car sharing have made it possible to live separately from the TGV, so to speak, the "high-speed rail version". Appeared as 'LCC'. The service section initially started at Marne-la-Vallee Chessy Station, which is also the closest station to a large theme park in the suburbs of Paris, but now it also departs and arrives at terminals and major stations in the city center. ? "OUIGO" featuring vivid coloring is now available in KATO's 'World High Speed Train Series'. It is also possible to reproduce the combination of two trains similar to the actual vehicle. In combination with the K10-1529 TGV Réseau Duplex and K10-1657 Thalys PBA/K10-1658 Thalys PBKA new paint, you can enjoy driving with European high-speed trains.


  • The locomotives at both ends of the formation have the recesses at the bottom of the front glass blocked, and the appearance of an additional antenna on the roof is reproduced with a new body.
  • A new pantograph is adopted. Separately made pantographs for AC and DC (the shape is different from the actual vehicle)
  • The bright light blue that is characteristic of 'OUIGO', the large polka dot pattern drawn on each vehicle, and the logo mark Beautifully reproduced
  • Crew room hand thread, shoe slip, passenger car door handle, door rail are expressed in silver
  • All cars are reproduced in sky blue - Power unit with fly wheel realizes stable running
  • Headlight/tail Lights on (uses light bulb color LED). By replacing it with the attached dummy board, it is possible to reproduce the appearance that the light was turned off when the locomotives were connected together.
  • The coupling part that connects the locomotive and the passenger car adopts the same drawbar as the 10-1657 Thalys PBA new paint
  • DCC compatible (the one with 6-pin socket is suitable for M1 and M2, but for M2 It is necessary to change the setting of the CV29 value of the installed decoder and invert the control of the headlight / taillight.)
  • Accessories: Drawbar for leading connection (long / short x 1 each), dummy board for turning off the light Optional options
  • LED interior light clear Part number: 11-211 - LED interior light clear (6 cars included) Part number: 11-212