Kato 10-1807 Scale: 1:150, N JR Series E2 10000 Shinkansen 10 Car Powered Set

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The year 2022 marked the 150th year since the opening of Japanese railroads in 1872. In celebration, a train of E2 1000s Shinkansen was painted back to the colour scheme of series 200 at the time of Tohoku Shinkansen's inauguration and put into the regular operation in June, 2022. The accurate representation of the former livery is now in the spotlight so much that even a memorial train in the configuration was operated in addition to the regular operation.

  • Kato will make 10-car full train, as an especially planned item, for the series E2 in Series 200 colour scheme which reappeared marking the 150th year since the opening of railroads in Japan,
  • The colour scheme of series 200 with a green stripe associated with sprouting new green plants is rendered on the N-scale model.
  • For middle car connection, diaphragm couplers looking like articulated couplers are used. Car top coupling mechanism is reproduced, realistically showing the real coupling.
  • Head/taillights light up. Headlights use electric bulb colour LED.
  • Slotless motor is employed and realized yet smoother and quieter move.
  • DCC friendly