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Kato 2020-1 Scale: 1:150, N JR C56 Steam Locomotive Koumi Line

Kato 2020-1 Scale: 1:150, N JR C56 Steam Locomotive Koumi Line

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2020-1 C56 Koumi Line The smallest C56 among TENDER-type steam locomotives of JNR is manufactured as a passenger car for 160 units from 1935 to 1939, and it is a relatively long local route around the country. I was active. C56, the Koumi Line connecting Shinozawa's Ogasazawa-Komoro, passed through Japan's highest point on the railway, ran through the plateau area at the foot of the Yatsugatake mountain range, and was nicknamed "Pony of the Plateau". As for C56, the 44th machine belongs to Oigawa Shindo, and the figure that it plays an active part is seen now. Main features ? The C56, the smallest of the tender railway steam locomotives of JNR. Precisely reproduce the light style. ? In the 1940's, we manufactured a prototype vehicle belonging to Nakagaki-ken. ? Ideal for driving in a compact layout. Unitrack compact R183 compatible. ? Newly developed coreless motor mounted power unit with a reputation for running for small steamers. Achieves smooth and stable driving. ? Corresponds to C56's special back driving, and can mount double couplers. ? Headlights on. It is equipped with LP405 of the shield beam type which is the feature of Nakagaki-ken engine district affiliation car. ? Tender side headlights also light up for back driving. Both sides will light up. ? Number plate selection type. The 144, 149, 150, and 159 units were selected from vehicles belonging to the Nakagaki engine district. ? Arnold coupler standard equipment. ? KATO knuckle coupler is included for replacement.