Kato 23-508 Scale: 1:150, N  Pick Up Trucks (2) And Minibuses (2)

Kato 23-508 Scale: 1:150, N Pick Up Trucks (2) And Minibuses (2)

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23-508 Light van · light tiger Seasonal yukata is newly appeared in the geotown N gauge doll series which is indispensable for the stage full of reality, and also the appearance and delivery of bikes and light trucks, which are ideal for stage and stage full of life of the layout and diorama. Unlike the conventional "N gauge doll" suitable for the railway scene, it was modeled around people in the city who have a "Japanese-style lifestyle". Please add these "new residents" to your town. Main features ? Japanese kimono people (Yukata): People with seasonal feelings such as “Yukata women” and “Yukata men” and “Yukata parents” are perfect for summer events such as festivals and fireworks displays. Enter all six. ? Japanese kimono people (visiting clothes): People who wear visiting clothes that are essential to the kimono style. Enter all six. ? Delivery / delivery: A set of "delivery / delivery" that is ideal for producing a layout and a sense of life in a diorama. Unlike ordinary doll-based sets, this is a unique combination that includes a deliveryman on a motorcycle and a light truck. All in two (2 bikes) + 1 light truck. ? Light tiger · Light van: 2 different colors for light tiger · light van, 4 pieces in all.