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Kato 29-351 EM13 DCC Power Car Decoder

Kato 29-351 EM13 DCC Power Car Decoder

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  • Fits The Power Car Of DCC Ready Sets.
  • Fits Into The Underframe Of The Power Car.
    • Features;
      • 1 Amp (1.5 Amp Peak), With Back EMF, Transponding (Detecting Train Position).
    • Function;
      • No Function Circuit.
      • Kato Digitrax DCC Decoder.
        29-351 Decoder For Control Car With Motor.
        Please read this instruction sheet carefully prior to the use.  
        How to install the Decoder
        1. Please slide the under-cover over chassis in direction of the arrow and take it off. 2. Please insert such a tool as flat headed screwdriver between car body and truck and remove the truck. 3. Please insert carefully the decoder in the direction indicated in the picture. 4. Please make sure that the decoder is inserted firmly to the very end. 5. Please fit the truck to the original position and put the under-cover on again before running the car.  When the under-cover is not put over, the power might not come to the decoder, causing the non function of the decoder.
        Rating and function of EM13 decoder for Motor Car
        Default (initial) address value:  03 (Range it can be changed in:  01-9983) Maximum Current:  1.0A  (Peak Current Value:  1.5A) Function Circuits: No (Only with circuit for Motor) Complete with BEMF (Run with stable speed using Back Electric Magnetic Field), Reset (Initialization), Transponding (Detection of position of the motor car)
        The decoder can be customized in the function by changing the following program values.
        Program items and their values CV Default value Function Value range or Value Setting Example CV01 03  2 digit address  01~127
        CV02 00  Start Voltage  00~255 (Voltage 0~100%)
        CV03 00  Acceleration rate  00~31 (Rapid~Slow Change)
        CV04 00  Slowdown rate  00~31 (Rapid~Slow Change)
        CV05 00  Maximum Voltage 00~255 (Voltage 0~100%)
        CV06 00  Voltage at mid point  00~255 (Voltage 0~100%) CV08 129  For Reset*   Enter 08 for reset CV29 06  To set speed steps  06, 07, 38, 39, etc. CV57 06  Grade of BEMF effects  00~15 (Single Motor-Car traction)
        * “129”, the default value under CV08 is a maker ID No.  Regardless of the figure, please enter “08” for Reset (the value will return to the default value.)
        Compliance, Warnings & Handling.
        Please use this decoder in combination with devices complying with NMRA DCC rules. With controlling devices employing another digital system, it will not work.
        This product is an electronic device.  So rough handling, water or static electricity may break the chip.
        As it is a p.c.board, it has tiny and pointed parts. Please store the product where small children cannot reach their hands to.
        Train car installed with the DCC decoder can be run on analog-operated track as well, but may not run when the power pack controller does not match with it.
        The specifications and price of the product is subject to change without preannouncement.