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Kato 29-353 FR11 Interior Light Control Decoder

Kato 29-353 FR11 Interior Light Control Decoder

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    • now expected immediately after Christmas
    • DCC Decoder for N Interior lighting kits 11-209/11-211 and 11-210/11-212. Allows programmable on/off functionality on DCC
    • Kato Digitrax DCC Decoder.
      29-353 Decoder FR11 For White LED Passenger Car Lighting Set 11-209 & 11-210.
      This decoder works to turn on or off the passenger car lighting and to stabilize the brightness of the lighting in DCC friendly train cars, regardless the train stops or runs.  
      As for the way of installation in the passenger cars, please read the instruction sheet attached to the White LED lighting set.
      How to install the Decoder to the passenger car lighting set
      Please fit the parts to the enclosed bracket in order of 1 lighting p.c.board and decoder as shown in the picture. Bracket 1. Lighting p.c.board 2. Decoder Fit them like this.
      Please install the bracket fitted with lighting p.c.board and decoder onto the car according to the instruction sheet enclosed with the white LED lighting set.
      *This product can be used only for LED type 11-209 and 11-210 White LED Lighting Sets,and cannot be used for light bulb type 11-201, 12-205, 11-204 and 11-206 Lighting Sets. 
      Rating and Function of FR11 (for Passenger Car Lighting Set)
      Default address value:  03 (Range it can be changed in):  01-9983) Function Circuits: 1 Circuit (For Passenger Car Lighting): F1 key switches the lighting ON/OFF (The key can be changed.) Maximum Current:  65mA  
      The decoder can be customized in the function by changing the following program values.
      Program items and their values CV Default value Function Value range or Value Setting Example CV01 03  2 digit address 01~127 CV61 02  With combination of CV61 and CV64, the function CV64 00  No. (Key) can be set to turn on/off the lighting. Default Setting is “F1”.  With F1 Key, it can be turned on/off.
      In case of changing the function No., please select the item which you want to set and program the values under CV61 and CV64 in the decoder.
      CV61 CV64  Function No.  Transponding (Position Detection) which can be switched  on/off 00 00  F1   OFF 01 00  F0   OFF 02 00  F1   ON (Default Setting) 03 00  F0   ON 02 01  F3   ON  02 02  F5   ON  00 01  F3   OFF    00 02  F5   OFF 
      *CV Values can be only written in and cannot be read out.
      Compliance, Warnings & Handling.
      Please use this decoder in combination with devices complying with NMRA DCC rules. With controlling devices employing another digital system, it will not work.
      This product is an electronic device.  So rough handling, water or static electricity may break the chip.
      As it is a p.c.board, it has tiny and pointed parts. Please store the product where small children cannot reach their hands to.
      Train car installed with the DCC decoder can be run on analog-operated track as well,
      but may not run when the power pack controller does not match with it.
      The specifications and price of the product is subject to change without preannouncement.