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Kato 40-800 Unitram V50 Track Only Start Set

Our Price: £177.65
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Assembled size is 682 x 620mm

  • UNITRAM tracks are compatible with Kato UNITRACK and can be connected together.
    • Includes:
      • UNITRAM Track Plates - 2 x Straight (124mm) and 4 x Curved (R180mm)
        • UNITRAM Road Plates - 1 Straight Road Plate (124mm), 2 x Center Plate with intersection, 2 x Corner Plate with intersection, 4 x Curved Road Plates for curves
          • UNITRAM Accessory kit - includes tram stop kit, catenary pole set, fences, streetlights and traffic signals, track feeders, tram rerailer, tram joiners and Dio-town plate joiners
            • UNITRAM Scenery foldout - two part cardboard scenery backdrop