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Kato Track Plan 001 - Cheap & Nothing Wasted (II)

Our Price: £390.60
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 30” X 54”
This is a slightly different version of the Cheap & Nothing Wasted that you may have seen before, primarily because there were several left-over (“wasted”) pieces from the packages of straight and curved track used with the original design. The most significant change is the lengthening of the left spur track in the middle of the plan. Despite the slight modifications, the plan still fits a 30” X 54” tabletop. The pieces identified above as R481 Curve, 64mm Str (Straight) and 60mm Left/Right are ctually accessory tracks included with the #4 Turnout. There is no need to look to buy these sections separately, and, subsequently, they are not listed in the Item List to the right. It is important to note the proper placement of the #24-818 Terminal Unijoiners for operation of the layout.
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 Layout in a box Complete package (except Controller and Track pins)