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MRC 0001645 - N Scale DCC Sound Drop In Decoder For Kato P42 & E8 Locos

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MRC's revolutionary full function, dual mode N-scale sound decoder gives Kato's P-42 Genesis* locomotive all 28 NMRA functions

This one piece sound decoder/speaker combination replaces Kato’s factory installed printed circuit board, by simply removing the loco body, unclipping the factory unit, and dropping in the decoder.

A miracle of N-Scale decoder engineering, there’s no connectors, no wiring, no machining, no “dremeling”; the easiest decoder installation possible.

Imagine… MRC’s “Brilliance™” sound that’s virtually “plug ‘n play” in one of N-scale's smoothest running and most popular locomotives. All 28 NMRA available functions, and your choices of 8 bells & 16 horns will make the P-42 come alive like never before.

But that’s not all. This decoder is a dual mode decoder so you get brilliantly synchronized diesel rumble sounds on a DC (powerpack users) layout as well. And there’s more… railroaders who run DC layouts can also enjoy the full capability of the decoder when used with MRC’s BlackBox (#0001050) control unit.

*Kato P-42 Genesis not included


  • Two selectable diesel prime mover types with
    randomly associated locomotive sounds

  • User selectable 16 different horns and 8 bells

  • 28 accessory functions allowing more sound control than ever

  • Programmable individual sound volumes

  • 1.0 amp capacity

  • Programmable for either 2-digit (1-127) or 4-digit (1-9999) addresses

  • Programmable start voltage

  • Programmable acceleration rate

  • Programmable deceleration rate

  • Programmable top voltage

  • Programmable 14, 28, 128 speed steps

  • Selectable factory default speed curve

  • Supports full read back

  • Supports advanced consisting (CV19)

  • Supports programming on the main (OPS mode)

  • Compatible with NMRA DCC standards

  • Complies with Part 15 of FCC

  • 13mm speaker included

  • PCB size: 90 x 14 x 4.2mm

  • Directly replaces Kato GE P42 and EMD E8/9 PC Boards