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MRC 0001810 N Scale Drop In Sound Decoder (For Kato F40PH)

MRC 0001810 N Scale Drop In Sound Decoder (For Kato F40PH)

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Taking miniaturization and MRC’s industry leading technology to the limit, both of these DCC/DC sound decoders are 100% drop-in! The most simple, straight-forward, N-Scale installation imaginable…. Remove the loco body, lift out the factory circuit board and replace with the MRC sound decoder /speaker combo, put the body back on. No wiring needed.

The decoder is equipped with MRC’s world renowned Brilliance™ sound, miniaturized to a single drop-in decoder with included super-fidelity speaker, that’s virtually “plug ‘n play”. MRC’s true, live capture, full fidelity sound including diesel rumbles, actually recorded (railside) by MRC’s Sound Engineers from real diesel locomotive prime movers. Just imagine… all 28 NMRA available functions, and naturally, MRC makes available (33) horns, eight-bells, brakes, air releases, pop valves, cooling fans, coupling sounds and more. Directional lighting is included too… to give “life” to your Kato N-Scale loco’s.

We haven’t forgotten power pack users! This MRC decoder is dual-mode so DC railroaders can get brilliantly synchronized diesel rumble sounds on their layout as well. And, DC power pack users can also enjoy the full capability of the 0001810 decoder when coupled to MRC’s unique & exclusive BlackBox (#0001050) control unit.


  • Four types of synchronized diesel prime mover sounds to choose from

  • 0.75 amp capacity

  • 34 different types of horns and 8 types of bells

  • Programmable individual sound volumes

  • Programmable either 2-digit or 4-digit addresses

  • Programmable start voltage and top voltage

  • Programmable acceleration and decelaration rates

  • Programmable 14, 28, 128 speed steps

  • Supports full read back of CV’s

  • Selectable factory default speed curve

  • Advanced speed table control CV67-CV94

  • Kick start voltage control CV65

  • 3 headlight effects: Directional / rule 17 /off-dim-bright cycle.

  • 28 accessory functions (F1-F28)

  • Supports advanced consisting (CV19)

  • Supports programming on the main (OPS mode)

  • Compatible with NMRA DCC standards

  • Complies with Part 15 of FCC regulations

  • 13mm, 32 ohm speaker included

  • PCB size: 66mm x 14mm x 3.5mm

  • Directly replaces Kato F40 circuit board

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