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MRC 0001818  G/O Scales Sound Decoder Universal Sd45/Mp15

MRC 0001818 G/O Scales Sound Decoder Universal Sd45/Mp15

Our Price: £71.95
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**Diesel- 2 prime mover sounds**

MRC is giving model railroaders the opportunity to bring to life dozens of G & O scale locomotives with this new sound decoders.

The 1818 Diesel Decoder contains SD45 and MP15 prime mover sounds. Unlike others who use computer generated sounds, this decoder contains MRC’s true, live capture, full fidelity sounds like prime mover diesel rumbles, actually recorded (railside) by MRC’s Sound Engineers from the real locomotives.

Equipped with MRC’s world renowned Brilliance™ sound, and dynamic, super-fidelity 1½” speaker, the big locomotives truly come to life, from startup to shutdown. From the slowest “creep” to “top-end,” experience railroading like never before. It’s all there… all 28 NMRA available functions, and naturally, MRC provides user programmable, applicable horns, bells, brakes, air releases, pop valves, cooling fans, coupling sounds, fire box sounds and more. This decoder has a full complement of lighting functions too. All this without any modification needed to the body shell or chassis.

Not just for DCC systems, this decoder is dual mode so Power Pack Users aren’t left out in the cold! DC railroaders can get brilliantly synchronized sounds on their layout as well. And amazingly….. DC power pack users can also enjoy the 28 NMRA function, capability of this G & O gauge decoder when coupled to the unique & exclusive MRC BlackBox (#0001050) control unit.

Features include:


  • 5 amp output

  • MRC's Brilliance™ sound actually recorded railside by MRC's Sound Engineers

  • Easy installation - no modifications needed

  • 1 ½”, 4 ohm full fidelity speaker included

  • User programmable, multiple bells, whistles, or horns

  • Dual mode capability lets you run on DCC or analog DC

  • User programmable, fully adjustable speed curves

  • Directional headlights with user programmable Rule 17 lighting

  • Full array of lighting effects: Mars;ditch lights;strobes