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MRC 0001909 - HO / OO Scales 16 Bit DCC Diesel Sounder (No Power)

MRC 0001909 - HO / OO Scales 16 Bit DCC Diesel Sounder (No Power)

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The exclusive 16-bit "Sounder" is a sound-only decoder that features six prime mover sounds MP15/SD45/ALCO539T/ALCO 244/SD70/EMD567B with a speaker that is easily added to any HO locomotive equipped with a standard, non-sound decoder or even any piece of rolling stock being pulled by the locomotive equipped with wheel pickups.

The railroader simply "hooks-up" two wires to the track power pickup points in the loco and suddenly can enjoy MRC's rich, sound.

Features include:

  • Use with any HO non-sound decoder from MRC or any other brand

  • Full 28 NMRA function capability

  • Select desired sounds and functions in "seconds"

  • No time consuming downloading or expensive purchases ... all the features are in the decoder

  • Use with any NMRA compatible DCC system to add sound "on the rails" or "below the rails"

  • Simple 2-wire hookup

  • Superb sound quailty with multiple sounds and volume selectability

  • 18V maximum input

  • DCC only