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Noch 09394 Sticky Ballast HO/OO Grey (300g)

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The Sticky Ballast is a small but great innovation from NOCH. Glue and the popular NOCH ballast are already combined in one product. This makes the application very easy: no crumbling of ballast, no sticking together when glue is added afterwards. The NOCH Sticky Ballast is just placed between the track sleepers. This can be best done with a fine spatula. Then you clean the sleepers with a brush. That’s it! After only 3 to 4 hours, the ballast has dried and is firmly fixed to the ground and track.
The Sticky Ballast is especially handy for applying ballast to switch points and functional tracks. It is available in brown and grey colours for H0/TT and N/Z scale. For the spaces between the tracks and for larger areas we recommend our regular NOCH ballast which, of course, matches colour of our Sticky Ballast.