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Noch 14379 Scale(s): 1:87 Scale, HO Scale CATTLE SHELTER LASER CUT MINIS KIT

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6.2 x 4.2 cm 3.0 cm high Details cattle shelter Attention to detail ... Meanwhile, the NOCH Laser-Cut minis assortment is huge! And yet every year we notice the one or other detail that was missing so far. With the "New" from 2018, you can decorate your landscape and thus z. For example, you can create mountain meadows, set small accents or create a special scene. Have lots of fun with it! The "Livestock Shelter" Laser-Cut minis kit can be used for agricultural scenes in Scale H0 (1:87 scale). On farms you will find various animals, from cows to horses, to chickens or geese. Many animals spend their day in the pasture. In order for the animals to have a shelter in bad weather, NOCH also offers the »Livestock shelter« kit. There are no limits to creativity when it comes to building, crafting and above all landscaping. The design is best suited to the hand-painted model figures and model animals of NOCH. Content: Packaging Unit: 1 piece Length: 62.00 mm Width: 42.00 mm Height: 30.00 mm