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Noch 21640 Birch Tree 11.5cm

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Details Birch

SINCE 2010, NOCH has been producing its model trees in its own factory in Vietnam. This made it possible to significantly improve the quality of the well-known PROFI trees.

  • The trunks of the trees are elaborately hand-coloured, so that no shiny plastic surfaces can be seen.
  • In order to give the tree more volume, a fine sprinor is incorporated into the branch work before flocking.
  • The high-quality NOCH foliage is used as a flock material. The specially ground and elaborately coloured material resembles the foliage of the original trees in shape and colour.
  • As in nature, only the fine branches carry leaves with the NOCH model trees. The thick branches are omitted by hand in the elaborate flocking.

The completely revised NOCH PROFI tree series meets the highest standards of quality and reality. See for yourself.