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Noch 99352 Profi Foam Train Service Tray 20x17.5x4cm

Our Price: £57.00
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Developed by professionals for professionals, this is shown by the many details of these locomotive slacks.

The PROFI locomotive couch includes two bulges for your locomotives. In one, the locomotive can be clamped upside down into the soft foam. It is now convenient to inspect from below and gearboxes and axles can be easily oiled. In the sloping shelf, locomotives and wagons can be placed sideways or obliquely overhead. In this way, side walls can be cleaned, motors and ploil rods oiled and many other service work carried out.

The locomotive loungers are supplemented by various compartments and recesses, in which brushes, oil pen and tools can be accommodated. Small parts and screws can be stored in the integrated compartments. To ensure that small parts cannot be lost, a magnetic film is incorporated into a compartment. For example, the smallest shards adhere to this.

Unit: 1 piece
Length: 200.00 mm
Width: 175.00 mm
Height: 40.00 mm