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OCWW 051 GWR 70' H15. Restaurant Car kit

Our Price: £29.95
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This is a mixed media Craftsman Kit requiring PVA and Cyno glues plus paint and transfers to complete.

Kit contains:-

  • Laser etched and cut multi-media parts
  • Osborns exclusive GWR American pattern 3D printed bogies with metal wheels and short NEM couplings
  • parts to assemble tables and seating
  • Glazing
  • Osborns turned brass buffers
  • Now includes an extra fret to model the later rebuild with flush doors (optional)

Prototype notes:-

Originally 12 were built to diagram H15 in 1907 and remarkably some of these original 12 were still working in mainline express sets  in 1961. This amazing long life did rusult in updating over the years and this kit represents the prototype when the large panoramic windows were added from 1936 onwards. These vehicles were always electrically lit but cooking was by gas hence the under slung gas tanks and battery boxes.