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OCWW ALN020 N Scale Kit GWR Siphon C (1)

Our Price: £16.95
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Mixed media Craftsman kit (requires a sharp craft knife, tweezers and PVA type glue. Paints to finish).
  • NEM couplers and pockets 
  • Hardlon 'Rusty' brown wheel sets
  • Osborns Turned Brass Buffers 
Footboards may be omitted for clearance
Prototype notes
Siphon was the telegraphic name given by the GWR for milk wagons. Originally designed to transport the large 17 gallon conical milk churns double stacked. The slatted sides allowed the draft to pass over the churns in transit thus keeping them cooler that they would be in enclosed vans. This particular version of the SiphonC lasted in one particular case until yhe late 1950's. These trucks were also used on occasions for seasonal vegetable traffic and even fish. Contemporary photographs show most in a very weathered condition in traffic.