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OCWW 055 LNER Extra Long CCT

Our Price: £16.95
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A Later Etched and cut CRAFTSMAN, Mixed Media kit.

Requires only PVA glue, Paint and transfers to complete


  • All Laser Etched and Cut mixed media parts. 
  • Metal Wheelsets
  • NEM couplings 
  • Turned Brass Buffers
  • Glazing

Prototype notes :-

Originally 60 were built by the LNER in 1939. These vertically planked CCTs were  37 ft. 6 in. long.  They were the longest CCT's in use and BR ordered a  further 57 to be built  in 1950. Designated NPCCS, with their 3 sliding doors they looked like an LNER freight van. Painted LNER brown before Nationalisation and maroon beyond that. They lasted well into the late 1970's