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OCWW ALN055 LMS 6-Wheel Combination Carriage Truck Kit

OCWW ALN055 LMS 6-Wheel Combination Carriage Truck Kit

Our Price: £15.95
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An etched and laser cut mixed media 'N' Scale Craftsman kit

The kit includes

  • NEM coupler pockets and couplers.
  • Osborms turned brass buffers
  • Osborns 'brown' hardlon wheelsets
  • alternative brake handles (LNWR or MR types)

pva glue and paint required to complete this kit

Prototype Notes

Just over 550 of these early 6 ton payload LMS 6-wheeled CCTs were built on re-cycled ex Midland or LNWR coach underframes (this model pictured on ex LNWR type). Minor detail differences existed to suit the frames used but they were all built to the same basic body shape. After 1959 they were banned from passenger trains after which many were downgraded to departmental use. However when first out shopped they were painted in fully lined LMS Crimson. Later the body ends of most were painted black.Note the unusual LNWR tie rods which can be removed to replicate the ex MR underframe using the alternative brake handle.